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Buying Items/Achievements

[Pinned] Buying items and Achievements.

vodka is now selling items and achievements for Malygos, Sarth, Ulduar 10 and Ulduar 25. We rarely run Naxx anymore, but exceptions can be made. If you are interested in buying items or achievements please post here with the item or achievement ...
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Buying Items/Achievements

T8 legs and Ironsoul

Hi, I would like to purchase The t8 paladin (conqueror) 10 man tier token,And also Ironsoul from 10 man FL, I was thinking around 2k for the legs and 1k plus for Ironsoul. Lemme know what you think, thanks!
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Valmortt11300Member avatar small Valmortt 13y
Buying Items/Achievements

Heroic: One Light in the Darkness

I would like to purchase [Heroic: One Light in the darkness] from you guys when ever available. From browsing your forums and other posts, I would imagine 5,000-6,000g would be a reasonable price for this achievement, although I could be wrong. Pl...
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Buying Items/Achievements

Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion

Interested in purchasing [Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion] from 10 Man Vezax Hard Mode. Starting offer 2200g, willing to negotiate. Just send me a tell in game or here, i'll keep a check on it. Thanks!
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Buying Items/Achievements

Interested in weapon and T8 tokens.

I am interested in buying Aesir's Edge and my T8 tokens (Wayward Vanquisher). If this can be done name your price for the items i have listed and when it can be gone. Thank you.
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Buying Items/Achievements

Buying 10/25 Man Ulduar Loot

Looking to buy my alt T8/8.5 tokens, 10/25 man offset piecesJust about any 2h weapon would be an upgrade from what my warrior is at now.If you could give me an idea of what I would be paying and when I could get this done that would be great.
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Buying Items/Achievements

Purchasing 25-Man Ulduar.

I've spoken immensely with Grafarion and we've made several negotiations and spoken of many possibilities, but this is simply a Post so he can get in touch with me on the Forums through PM's.Thanks,Tej
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Buying Items/Achievements

T8 Shoulders, Chest & Legs.

Hi i would like to purchase these tokens.(protector)I was thinking around 1.5-2k for each of them. Let me know what you think.Thanks.
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Buying Items/Achievements

Glory of Ulduar Raider + 8.5 Shoulders

Hi I'm interested in buying Glory of the Ulduar Raider Meta achievements, and 8.5 shoulders (protector).I really don't know what kind of price you're looking for on the Metas, but i'll try and ballpark it.Glory of Ulduar Raider : 25,000 to start8....
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Buying Items/Achievements

buying heroics glory of ulduar raider achievement

If i transfer my character to your server, for 25,000g can i get an ironbound drake run. If not an iron bound run then a rusted proto run? tyvmWaterboot - gilneascrunchbar - alterac mountains
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Buying Items/Achievements


I would like to offer 3k for Worldcarver on my Warrior.
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Buying Items/Achievements

World Carver and 8.5 tokens

Item(s): Worldcarver Tier 8.5 tokens for a Death KnightStarting offer: Worldcarver-1500g T8.5 tokens- 2k each Total- 11500gLet me know if this is acceptable, if not i'm open for negotiations....
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